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The Deep South
is a wonderful place, unless you're a homeless pet.

Thousands of dog and cats die each week in southern shelters. A lack of sterilization laws, longer breeding seasons, and a different attitudes toward pets combine to make overpopulation a tremendous issue in our area. For example, one local shelter in a county of approximately 80,000 euthanizes nearly 3,000 dogs each year. That's about the same number of animals the entire state of Connecticut euthanized during that time period.

Regardless of why they came- overbreeding, neglect or relinquishment - animals coming into open admission shelters have little hope. A dog or cat may have as little as 7 days to find a home before their time runs out. Consequently, nearly 80% of animals coming into the shelter never come out alive.  

But that's slowly changing. Southern animal rescue groups and their northern counterparts are joining together to offer unique opportunities for these animals to find a loving "forever" home. A homeless pup doesn't care how far away the new home is, as long as a new loving family is waiting at the end of the trip. 

Look into the soft, brown eyes of a homeless dog waiting for a new home and you realize one thing -
Love has no geographical boundaries. 


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